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Fridge & Freezer Seals Worldwide

  • We have  established a eBay account ,shipping any fridge seal  and freezer seal worldwide.
  • Any of our  Fridge seal  & freezer seals are Australian Made so you can expect quality products and the best prices. Our Factory is located in Perth ,Western Australia.

Australian Made Fridge seal & Freezer Seal

  • All our Fridge  seal and Freezer seal are manufactured by us so that our customers get the best quality Fridge Seal /Freezer seal for the best prices .
  • We are the only Company in Perth that manufactures fridge seal and freezer seals.
  • Airtight Seals caters for both Domestic fridge seal and Commercial fridge seal and freezer seals.
  • It doesn’t stop there ,as we also fit the Fridge seal we manufacture, providing the ultimate fridge seal service.
  • We also service all areas in Perth .

Maintaining Your Fridge Seal

When cleaning your fridge seal always make sure you wipe your  fridge seal as well because over a long period of time dirt collects and therefore it damages the fridge seal .

Why do you need to change your old Fridge  seal & Freezer seal

Replacing your fridge seal and freezer seal will help you with energy bills because if the fridge seal isn’t  up too standard then the fridge is working harder therefore using more energy to run causing more expensive energy bills.
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How To Troubleshoot Your Fridge Seal and Freezer Seal?

If the doors on a fridge or freezer don’t seal properly, cool air leaks out and it uses more money. Test the Fridge seal for grip. Close the door on a piece of paper. A  Fridge seal in good condition should grip the paper firmly. If the paper slides out easily, consider replacing the seal. Also check seal for damage and dirt. Look closely for cracked, brittle and damaged sections. Mildew can form around the fridge seal causing them to become brittle and break. Periodically clean the  Fridge seal gently to remove mildew. Replace Fridge seal if they are cracked or warped.


  • A fridge seal should be replaced when they are damaged or have gaps. To identify damage, Open the fridge/freezer door and look for any splits or holes in the fridge seal, Check the bottom of the door as this is where drink spillage often occur and damage the fridge seal. Gaps occur when the fridge seal is not touching the fridge. This can be found when the door is closed. A fridge seal should be soft and flexible, if the fridge seal becomes hard and brittle it should be replaced.  Any fridge seal are easily replaced and will contribute .
  • Always wipe fridge seal when cleaning the  fridge.
  • When you install your fridge seal or freezer seal always make sure  the seal is heated all around after put on the door.
  • Periodically clean your fridge seal gently to remove mildew. Replace  fridge seal if they are cracked or warped.

  • Any fridge seal life expectancy can very depending how you maintain your fridge or freezers.
  • Look closely for cracked, brittle and damaged sections. Mildew can form around the  fridge seal causing them to become brittle and break.

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