Domestic – Fridge Seal

Airtight Seals is one of the biggest suppliers of fridge seals in Perth.Both our fridge seals and freezer seals are  manufactured in our Perth factory.All our fridge seal and freezer seals are manufactured to A1 quality.We supply a number of domestic seals wholesale and just for our average customers as well. You can purchase the fridge seal from us and we can come and fit the fridge seal for you too.You are getting the fridge seal direct cutting out the middleman which means low prices and a good quality fridge seal for your money .Some of the most common  fridge seals we manufacture are as follows

  • Westinghouse Fridge Seal/Kelvinator Fridge seal


    DSC_0467 - Copy    DSC_0474 - CopyDSC_0435



  • LG Fridge Seal/Freezer Seal

    DSC_0594 DSC_0665 DSC_0593



  • Fisher & Paykel Fridge Seal/Freezer Seal